Dunhill Pipes

Dunhill Pipes are collector pieces and the one of the most famous pipes in the world. Alfred Dunhill envisioned his pipes to be something special, coveted for its quality, sophistication and refinement. the Bruyere finish has a smooth finish with a deep red stain. The Shell finish is the original sandblast with a near-black stain. The Root finish is smooth with a light brown finish. The Red Bark finish is a sandblast with a red stain.

Dunhill 023

Bruyere, Made in England with 19 Under line

Price: $595.00
Dunhill 025

Root Briar, Made in England with 20 Under line

Price: $595.00
Dunhill 026

Bruyere, Made in England with 17 Under line

Price: $795.00
  Dunhill Pipes